3 Ways to Get Better sleep at Night

3 Ways to Get Better sleep at Night

January 13, 2022
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Sleep is a gift from God to His creation as it re-energizes a human mind and body. It is a very natural phenomenon that we should take extra care of because not getting enough sleep can disturb our health and growth that is why we should never compromise on our sleep quality. So if you have been out for work and now you are all tired but you are struggling to fall asleep then find out the quickest ways to call your dreams and waking up in a healthier state of mind. 

Organic Covers 

Many fabrics used for the bedsheets are produced from synthesized fibers which are often processed with harmful chemicals. Though clothes that are produced from 100% naturally occurring sources are safe from toxins and chemicals such as bamboo sheets does not necessarily require additives, and is naturally soft on your skin. bamboo Cotton bed sheets absorb your skin moisture. These are inherently thermal regulated so that humidity is not retained. Instead, it drives away the heat when you are sleeping-keeping you at the desired nighttime temp. It is also very light weight and breathable so even on hot summer nights, it feels like heaven on your skin. Bamboo sheets have “Bamboo Kun,” which is “the name for the natural antimicrobial bio-agent found in bamboo” that enables anti-microbial action. It ensures that chemicals, allergens, odors and bacteria are free from bamboo bedding so it eliminates the allergies and is soft on sensitive skin.

Softer Weighted blankets 

If you have a hard day at home or just feel stressed overall, then snuggling a weighted blanket on a sofa will perk you up and de-stress. Those who have problems sleeping at night notice that the use of weighted blankets makes their slumber party better and deeper. Even though you don’t have an anxiety disorder, health care professionals suggest that under a weighted blanket, you will certainly always find that you are feeling good. Weighted blanket stresses and its direct touch pressure is a pretty much universally soothing feeling. That is why professional therapists preferred weighted blankets for far longer than many of us understand. Choosing the right weighted blanket is what contributes most to our feelings of safety and comfort which triggers the meaningful sleeping hours.

Lesser Light Exposure

A bedroom must be accessible to sunlight but try to lessen the hard light effects in your bedroom at night so it can stimulate your environment to a good night’s sleep. Melatonin is a naturally found, light-exposed hormone that regulates the sleep-wake phase. If it’s dim, the brain activates extra melatonin— attempting to make you drowsy — and less when it’s bright that makes you more active. Yet many features of modern life will change the melatonin production in your system and adjust your circadian. It does not mean that you restrict yourself from sunlight all the time. To stay healthy, you must take the most of it in day time but we must control the lights at night.


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