6 tips that will help you to grow your Instagram account organically

6 tips that will help you to grow your Instagram account organically

January 13, 2022
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If you are a business owner and you rely on Instagram to promote your goods and services, you have probably already seen a positive return with this type of advertising. However in order to run a successful business on Instagram, first you need to find a way to make sure that your audience drives enough profitable traffic on your Instagram account. If your goal is to achieve success and improve your business by promoting your brand or company on Instagram, you need to learn how to increase your engagement rate and how to keep it high. One of the most important things is how huge is your audience, because as the number of your followers is big, as your opportunities to engage your audience with your content are higher. Sometimes brands and companies buy real followers on Instagram by suppliers; however in this article we will learn how to gain more followers on Instagram by applying some tactics.

First you need to construct your Instagram account attractively. You should construct your Instagram page in a way that will leave a great first impression regarding your company or brand. One of the first things users notice when they navigate onto your account is your username, your profile picture, your bio section and your contact section.

  • Let’s start with the profile picture – you need to choose an image that represents your brand/company in the most positive and eye – catching way.
  • When it comes to the username, you should choose a username that is easy to be recognized in order to make your audience remember your brand. Keep it short in order to be as search-friendly as possible.
  • Regarding the bio section, this is the place where you have the opportunity to represent your brand in a few words and emojis in front of your audience. Try to catch their attention by indicating your brands’ best features. If you have a website, you can add the link that leads to the website and your audience will be able to reach the website directly.
  • In the contact section, you can provide your contact number or email address. It will help your followers that may be your customers as well to be in touch with you easily. 

Once you are ready with the development of your Instagram account, you should start uploading content because the content that you share is of essential importance. Good and unique content attracts new followers and at the same time engages the existing ones. There are some tools that you can add to each post such as:

  • Hashtags. The usage of hashtags is considered as one of the most tried-and-true methods for reaching more people and gaining new followers. Hashtags on Instagram help users to extend their reach and to build your community. However, you should find hashtags that are relevant to your niche, because many people search for content by using hashtags and they are more likely to reach your profile if you use the correct keywords.
  • Location. Similar to hashtags, many people search content by using different locations. So you can add your location every time you post on your newsfeed or an Instagram story. This will also help you to reach your target audience easily. The usage of both hashtags and locations is capable of growing your Instagram account quickly and easily. 

We have collected a few tips that are already tested and following those is going to help you to grow your Instagram account organically. Try to run your Instagram account with good intentions, good and unique content and don’t forget to correspond with your audience. Build a huge following number and you will see how your business will improve. 

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