Make a bold statement with a gold choker necklace

Make a bold statement with a gold choker necklace

January 13, 2022
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A choker is the ultimate necklace for a woman to make a bold style statement on any occasion. The evolution of these chunky neck adornments holds a fascinating saga. Long before they decked the necks of goth divas in the 1990s or were popularized by the royal queens and princesses in the 1600s, chokers encircled the slender necks of women in ancient civilizations. And the latter use was instead to protect their throats. Now a gold choker necklace is a must-have for any Indian bride. Even the pretty South Indian brides-to-be swear by their fixation for these pieces. 

Chokers are a style that finds its presence across many cultures. In the southern part of India, the gold choker necklaces hold a central place in the baubles collection. One would have more reasons to buy a choker now by knowing the enthralling facts. In the world’s earliest civilizations, the Sumer Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, women used to wear gold jewellery, including chokers, as they associated gold with sun and lapis. For them, gold ornaments were symbiotic with the life-giving powers of the Nile River.

In the present era, as you adorn your neck with a gold choker necklace, feel that you are wrapping a piece of antiquity thousands of years old. To get that vintage feeling, don’t go beyond Vaibhav Jewellers. From its assemblage, a few exquisite choker necklaces are 22K antique Mayurika gold choker with ruby detailing, 22kt gold antique Lakshmi Devi choker with pearl droplets dangling as the bottom layer, 22K gold Temple choker with oxidized finish flaunting intricate floral and leafy motifs and the chunky abstract antique choker. These pieces of artistic excellence have a dominating personality of their own. Just wear any of them, and you need no other neckpieces.

For women who want to create a statement without making it overwhelming, a gold choker necklace crafted with subtle designs or the ones having a contemporary theme is the perfect pick. The creative team at Vaibhav Jewellers ensures that the brand’s collection has equally impressive pieces to embellish women with a fetish for dainty baubles. A few such staples are antique Morh Nakshi gold choker, antique gold Kasu choker, emerald studded antique choker necklace with matching danglers, 22K Signity gold BajuBand cum choker or even the antique gold Virat Kante choker.

The beauty of a gold choker lies in its imposing appearance. One can give earrings a miss and complete the look by wearing complementing gold bangles. If you are going for an antique finish choker, then look at the antique bangles collection by Vaibhav Jewellers. You get to choose them according to your taste and budget, as all the gold bangles with price and weight details are showcased.

For a contemporary look, bangles studded with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds or the ones with jadau work make a good choice. A few other options are 22K plain gold machine bangle, 22Kt gold fancy 2 set coral broad bangles, 22K ruby CZ studded gold bangles and 22k plain gold fancy bangles. Vaibhav believes in transparency, and thus it shares every detail of gold bangles with price and weight.

So go ahead and make a lasting impression on your onlookers with a gold choker necklace.

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