Ways to make your home child friendly

Ways to make your home child friendly

January 13, 2022
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Having a toddler who has just learnt to crawl or walk can be an exciting time in the journey of parenthood. Every new antic is a step towards progress. While children are developing, they love to explore as they are curious about everything. It is essential to ensure your house is safe for your child. If you are going to buy furniture when you have a child at home, you should keep a few key things in mind. For example, while buying a wooden sofa set, it is important to check for corners and edges that might hurt your child.

The emphasis on the safety of loved ones can never be neglected and that is why there are a few things to remember while child-proofing your house.

  1. Eye-level – When you are looking for potential threats, the best way is to get on your hands and knees and look at the house from the child’s eye level. A power socket or a plug point, electrical cords, and any such hazards which pose a threat to the child should be eliminated.
  2. Beds – If you have a crib for the child, ensure the sides are padded. If not, it’s best not to use cloth or pillows to guard them as there is a suffocation risk involved. However, if you wish to sleep next to your child, it’s more comfortable to do so on a double bed.
  3. Choking hazard – Children have a common habit of putting everything they see in their mouths. This can cause problems as they might choke on smaller things. Jewellery and other trinkets, plastic pieces, or small toys may be some of the items.
  4. Drawers and cupboards – It’s of paramount importance to check drawers for the stopping device and ensuring that cupboards are resting on a plain surface and aren’t wobbly. A loose nail or an improper screw can also degrade the integrity of the furniture.
  5. Stairs – Children lack the perception of depth and do not understand the threat stairs possess. If you have stairs in and around your house, it’s important to instal a safety door.
  6. Ingredients – It might have never occurred to you while buying items like floor cleaner or detergent, but the ingredients on these are extremely important. Babies have sensitive skin and tummies. Any strong chemical can be an irritant and you need to check before purchasing as children love playing on the floor and aren’t picky about what they chew on!
  7. Out of reach – It is not a secret that children like to grab and pull things in their scope of view. Keeping items like cleaning agents, chemicals, pesticides, cosmetics, and medicines locked or on a higher shelf is a good way to ensure they do not have access to hazardous items. Keeping breakables like crockery, showpieces and earthen items can be unsafe since they can shatter and produce sharp pieces when they do.

A safe child means a happy parent!

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