Backlinks generating methods for 2021

Backlinks generating methods for 2021

March 14, 2021
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Still, thinking about how to create backlinks for my website for free? Try these methods to get quality backlinks.

Then what will be the backlinks?

Backlinks are also called inbound links, which are the links from other websites to link your page or posts. Sounds cool right, If they are your fans then you will get immediate links from all over the fans. But what about newcomers?

Selecting the best blogging niche and creating quality content is not enough to stick on Google first search results.

Nowadays the backlinks are very important to stay on the Google search results.

Google and other search engines consider the backlinks as grace points, along with the quality of the contents.

Search engines calculate the inbound link number and numbers of referring domains to boost your ranking.

If your backlink profile is good, then you can outrank your competitors easily.

How to determine the quality of the backlinks?

The number of quality links always wins the race. The quality links are the links that came from high authority websites or industry leader websites.

If you put effort into building links from low-quality new websites then it won’t be good for your overall backlink quality.

If we look into the SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz they defined the websites as per the backlink profile, which is called domain authority DA or Domain Rating.

Also, you could see that if you try to build 1000 links from a single domain, it is far better to build your links from different 1000 websites. The referring domain and number of links are always in the count. It’s better to build Do-Follow links than No-Follow one, which will pass more link juice.

There are some link-building strategies are involved.

How to create backlinks for free for your blog?

Creating Linkable content

You have to create pillar content and search online, whoever linked low-quality pages same as your pillar content topic. If you have more thorough content in handy, then the webmaster definitely will consider linking you. But pitching them is a little bit difficult. It’s because our mail will be inside tons of mails, so we have to follow up, at certain intervals.

Also, the percentage of the conversion will be less, although these sites will drive you quality traffic if you get them posted.

You cannot directly ask the person to please link me to your page. This won’t create a good relationship with the webmaster, so try to catch their attention by appreciating any of their content that helps you to solve anything.

After building a strong relationship, you can send your work to review by them. Then after review, you can point out that

particular pages consist of low-quality links and you can ask them to replace the link if they like to do so.

Broken link building

Broken link building is another method of creating links without any hard work. You can find linked pages as per the keyword search below.

  • “gardening” + “resource page”
  • “gardening” + “resources”
  • “gardening” + “recommended sites”
  • “gardening” + “links”

After that, you can analyze the page with any 404 error finder plugins ( check my links). If you found any 404 links inside pages, so it’s your golden opportunity.

To create high-quality content related to the link and inform the webmaster that he has broken (error 404) link on the site and you can review the post that you have created and can add it to his site.

In this case, you had helped the webmaster to check the broken links and definitely, he will help you to replace the link.

Guest posting

Guest posting is never dead. if you are a beginner you have to work hard to find an opportunity in guest posting. You can find the guest post opportunity in Google itself.

As a beginner, you can find your competitor’s website, which works with your niche. In this way, you could get high-authority website links. But how can you find them?

You can search these strings on Google.

  • Lifestyle + Write for Us
  • Beauty + Write for us
  • Your Keyword + “guest blog”
  • Fitness + Write for Us
  • Your Keyword + “submit blog post”
  • Your Keyword + “accepting guest posts”
  • Your Keyword + “submit your article”
  • Your Keyword + “write for us”
  • Your Keyword + “write for me”
  • Your Keyword + “write for me”
  • Your Keyword + “become an author”
  • Your Keyword + “submit a guest post”

After finding these websites, read their terms and conditions carefully. Violating their conditions will attract the rejection of your article.

Before selecting the article topic, you can search your keyword on this website to check someone previously wrote on this. If not found then go for it. Don’t spam your article with lots of external links. You can insert your links as per their terms.

Infographics publishing.

Infographics are good examples of visuals. The visuals are adding a good impression and will be more reader-friendly. You can make 2000 words article into one infographic. That’s the power of images.

Infographics are narrative images, which consist of texts and vectors/images.
Check out my work on the WordPress security guide – Infographic.

How infographics can help you to get backlinks?

There are several methods, first one is to find a popular site that lies in your niche, which got numerous user attention like comments and shares. Then evaluate all the contents you like to prepare the infographics.

Post this infographic in your blog, then inform the webmaster who wrote this remarkable piece, that you have created this wonderful infographic, which will useful for your fans or visitors.

If the infographics are good enough, the webmaster will promote your content, also he will give credit to your infographics.

Another method is you can post infographics on social media, and infographic sharing platforms. After a couple of months, you can reverse image search and find whoever used this image on their blog, mail them to say that this image is originally posted on your blog.

Also, he has no choice, you are the creator, and will give the credit for sure.

Take away

There are several methods involving to create backlinks to your site, which is very important that filling the gap between the topic. Each method itself will take time to get results, so keep on trying will generate links.

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