Best Combination of Slots Game Special Features

Best Combination of Slots Game Special Features

May 30, 2022
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Slot games are defined by their special features, it is these elements that make games at memorable and different from each other. A decent special feature or combination of features can be what makes a slot a hit with the gaming public, whilst uninspiring extras can also create a flop.

The first slots that were introduced to the world did not have to be concerned with extras such as special features, because they were a huge accomplishment in engineering on their own, even though they offered a very basic gaming experience to a public that didn’t know anything better. 

However, in this age of virtual video slots and immersive video gaming, tech-savvy and sophisticated audiences are much harder to please. This is because they come to the gaming world with certain expectations including visual standards, that must be met. Modern slot audiences also want special features galore and thrilling bonus rounds. So how do slot developers please such a demanding audience? 

Crowd-Pleasing Slot Games 

Modern slots have three major components that need to be a hit with the public if a slot is to be a success. The base game of a slot is not the main attraction, but it does set the scene and familiarizes the player with the symbols, characters, and themes of the game. It is here where bonuses can be triggered or a special feature can randomly come into play, to liven up the game. 

The base game is the scene setter, special features add depth to the scene and the bonus rounds should be the highlight of the slot gaming experience. Games that create a lively base game and have special features that are worth waiting for, along with a thrilling bonus round, score highest with slot players because they get the combination right. 

Special Features and Bonus Overloads 

Some games are packed with special features and more than one bonus round. Such games can contain too many features and too big a choice of bonuses, that they become a distraction instead of slot gaming highlights. Games like King Kong Cash, Wish Upon a Jackpot, and Ted, are packed with both and because they trigger so frequently, some can have a minimal impact on the base game, because they produce minute wins that are disappointing at best. The point of a special feature is not just to liven a base game up, but to also increase the chance of players landing a decent win, whilst they wait for the bonus to drop. 

On the other hand, having a range of bonuses that can be won is an interesting addition, but the problem here is that some bonuses are substandard, and players are often tempted to gamble them away for a chance of winning a higher-ranking bonus instead. Slots that have fewer bonuses that are all worth triggering, without feeling the need to gamble them away, get the bonus feature just right, after all, it is this that is the main attraction and the reason why we play slots in the first place.

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