How Can a Blind Person play Online Slots?

May 30, 2022
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Online slots are by far and away the most played gambling games in the world right now, rapidly rising to the top of the online casino industry over the last two decades. Nowadays it genuinely seems as though everybody and their dog is playing online slots, and the great thing is that these games including Shaman Dream slot are even accessible for blind people. 

Tools that online slot developers use to make their games accessible 

You must have at least heard of some of the top online slot developers out there nowadays, with iconic names such as Big Time Gaming, NetEnt and Blueprint Gaming leading the way. One of the main reasons why these companies have been so successful over the last few years is because of their steadfast determination to keep making their games better and better. 

This is most obvious in regard to things like slot bonus features, although you also have to commend slot developers for putting in the effort to make their games accessible, especially for visually impaired people. Here are some tools that online slot developers use to make their games accessible: 

·         Simple design: It is a lot harder for developers to cater more complex online slot games to blind people, simply because there is so much going on. This is why many developers prefer using the “one-armed bandit” design for slots aimed at visually impaired people. These games will often only have one pay line and 3 reels, thereby making them easy to navigate and understand even with limited vision.

·         Sound FX and voiceover: By far the most important tool that online slot developers use to make their games accessible are sound FX and voiceovers. Online slots are packed with sound FX even as standard games, but this gets boosted when developers are looking to make their games more accessible. Blind people can play slots in this way and listen out for various sound cues to work out where their mouse is. They can also hear things like big wins or bonus features!

·         Key control customisation: Another really important way that developers cater their slots for blind people is with key control customization. With this you can set various keyboard keys to control things like spinning the wheel, raising your bet or even bonus features. It is a great way for blind people to continue playing slots quickly, without having to constantly worry about where their mouse is on the screen. 

A pick of the top online slots for blind people 

Those are some of the tools out of the way that slot developers use to make sure blind people can play online slots, so now let’s take a look at the top online slots for blind people: 

·         Mega Joker: NetEnt’s Mega Joker is an exceptional online slot that is also extremely simple. It is modelled on the famous Las Vegas Megabucks machines, and as such is easy for blind people to play due to its straightforward design.·         Rainbow Riches: An underappreciated part of the Rainbow Riches series is the soundtrack and sound FX whilst playing, something that makes it perfect for blind gamblers.

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