Exam Preparation Tips for class 8 science: Key To Success

Exam Preparation Tips for class 8 science: Key To Success

January 13, 2022
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We all know that education is the ticket to a better future, but tomorrow belongs to people who prepare for it today. With the exams approaching, students tend to get anxious thinking about the difficulty in preparing for the exam and worrying about the results. 

Every year the society witnesses students scoring 100 per cent in the exams and wonder what they might be doing to achieve this perfect score. There is no secret method to achieve your dream, just a routine and a solid plan that will help you reach heights. You just have to work hard and never give up because the process to fulfil your goals can be a little bit difficult but remember nothing is impossible. By the end of this article, students will definitely gain some idea on how to prepare for the exams and pass with wonderful marks. 

  1. Set a schedule 

Mark your calendar and prepare a timetable. Planning will help you stay focused. To get things done, first, make a plan about what you are going to study and set a schedule when you want to study a particular chapter. This gives you a clear picture of how to approach each chapter. When it comes to science, schedule it in such a way that you give equal importance to Biology, Physics, Chemistry And Zoology, including the concepts, diagrams and formulae present in each chapter. With help of a plan and schedule, you are halfway there and the rest includes regular studies and following the plan to a T.

  1.  A list to win it 

            The easy way to start studying is by making a list of important topics and formulae and diagrams in each chapter. For example,  with science, you need to write all the important and difficult concepts and formulae in a notebook. which can also help in future reference and for revision. By listing these things, you won’t skip any important lessons and will be able to recall them before the exam just by quickly going through your notes.

     3. Deal with the doubts 

 If you want to face your exams without any confusion or fear, you need to exhale doubts and inhale confidence, that is, you have to make sure you don’t have any doubts about the concepts. If you have any doubts, clear them from your teacher or mentor until you feel like you understand the concepts thoroughly. You should never hesitate to seek help from your teachers in times of need.

    4. Reference to the rescue

 When it comes to preparing for an exam a reference material or a guide is a must. Always refer to outside sources other than textbooks to gain more insights. To prepare for the CBSE exams, you can always get your hands on the NCERT Solutions. Since the NCERT follows the CBSE curriculum, it will be easier for the students to use these NCERT solutions to ace their exams. Preparing for a science exam can be hard with all the diagrams and formulae. The NCERT solutions for class 8 Science contains all the important solved problems prepared by the subject experts. The students can prepare for the exam by solving all the problems and by practising all the diagrams to attain perfection.

      5. Make use of previous question papers 

 Previous question papers can help the students get an idea about how the questions are going to be asked and how the students can approach a question when it is twisted. You can also compare all the previous question papers to find if there is any repetition so that you can practice those really well. These question papers are great study materials where you can use one of the question papers to write and evaluate your answer. This can be a great revision method before the exam.

      6. Practice to excel 

Practising can make you skilful and confident in the subject you are preparing for. You gain knowledge when you put more effort into practising. When it comes to science, study all the concepts and theories of each chapter and write it twice or however many times you want, to make that particular concept or theory thoroughly registered in your mind. Evaluating the answers you have written can help you get new insights on how to frame a particular answer. You should always practice the diagrams until you attain perfection. Do your practice well and in the end, everything will be worth it.

     7.  Revision and rewrite  

Revision and rewriting are enough for you to face any exams without fear. When you revise and rewrite any concept or theory that will help you get well-versed, which will help you answer the questions even if they are twisted in the exams. Revision is a key to success. Rewriting and revising while preparing for science can be time-consuming but in this way, you won’t forget any concepts, theories or diagrams. You just have to keep calm and keep on revising until you get well-versed in the concepts.

       8.   Rest and relax  

Taking a rest from a long study day is not a waste of time. Sometimes the relaxation you get after studying can be the most productive thing you have ever had while preparing for your exams. Eat well and sleep well because the feeling of exhaustion can never make you perform well in your exams. Listen to some calm music, and a little exercise might help you from stressing too hard. Finally, keep calm, worry about nothing, relax and prepare for your exam. 

In conclusion, the night before the exam can be stressful for a few. But never forget all the hard work you have put into, and remember, it will all be worth it in the end. Relax and keep yourself calm. Never give up and keep reminding yourself that you are so close to victory. Yes, exams can be difficult to handle but there is nothing that is impossible. And giving it all means achieving it all in the end. Just trust yourself and remember, you have got this!

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