How to Master in Maths and Score Good Marks in Exam

How to Master in Maths and Score Good Marks in Exam

January 13, 2022
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Students always find trouble with Maths and worry about doing well on Maths exams. But fortunately, there are plenty of techniques students can use to make Maths’ tests easier. Some effective ways to nail every question of Maths are reading all directions, writing down all formulas, showing the works neatly, etc. While solving the exam question paper, if students get stuck on a particular question, they should skip it and come back to it later. It is always advisable for students to keep themselves well-prepared for Maths exams by participating in class and reviewing work regularly. To ace the Maths exam, students should practice and work on the right strategies.

The subject of Mathematics cannot be memorized. The best method to understand the concepts of Mathematics is by having a strong grasp on respective equations and formulas. Maths is a subject that is considered to be challenging and tough for students because of its complex theorems and calculations. But, students can turn this subject into one of their favourites with the correct approach. While solving the difficult and tricky questions, students face challenges that can be fulfilled by regular practice.

Students should be thorough with their Maths textbook to solve all the questions asked in the exam. For example, Students of the Tamil Board can refer to Samacheer Kalvi 10th books to clear their doubts and practise maths problems.

4 Tips to Ace in Maths Exam

  • Concentrate on Formulas and Steps

Students should focus on memorizing important formulas and steps to make things work better for the exam. To memorize it, students should make notes of important formulas, create flashcards, and write the formulas repeatedly while reading them out loud. By doing so, students can score good marks in their Maths exam.

  • Solve papers from previous years

Solving previous year question papers will give students enough practice. While practising the old question papers, students should note their timing so that they can solve the exam question paper on time. Students can also get an overview of the real question paper, important questions, weightage of marks, etc. It will help students to know which topics they should focus more on.

  • Practice on a daily basis

Maths is a subject that needs regular practice to understand the concepts and formulas. Practising it regularly will improve their Maths skills and knowledge. It will also help them to solve the exam question paper with full confidence. Students should practice all the questions mentioned in the respective Maths textbook provided at the end of each chapter. Along with the textbook, they can also refer to reference books available in the market.

  • Create Proper Notes

Once students start revising a chapter they should note down important theorems, concepts, definitions, equations, etc. They should repeat the same procedure while revising the other chapters. By noting down the crucial concepts and key points students can understand what they have learnt and on which all topics they are lagging behind. These notes can be helpful for students while revising the concepts just before the exam.

In conclusion, we can say that with proper guidance and strategy, students can ace their Maths exam. Students should make sure that they should be thorough with their Maths textbook. The textbook provides examples and explanations that can help them understand the concepts easily. So, if students want to score higher marks in their Maths exam, then they should be well-versed with their respective Maths textbook. For example, Students of Tamil Nadu Board Class 9 can use Samacheer Kalvi 9th books to understand the concepts of Maths included in that academic year. And of course, go through the textbook before taking the exam to keep the ideas fresh in your mind.

But, keep in mind that, without constant practice, Maths is a subject that will always be difficult and challenging to understand. So, to fall in love with the subject make sure you show interest and dedication towards it. Once you master Maths, it will become one of your favourites.


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