Egg Donation Agency Assist in Egg Donation Process

How Does an Egg Donation Agency Assist in Egg Donation Process?

March 15, 2021
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An Egg Donor is a woman who is willing to donate her eggs to be used by those women who cannot produce the eggs which are healthy enough to be combined with sperms to create an embryo. Such women are unable to conceive thus, left with either seeking an egg donation process or surrogacy to enjoy the pleasures of motherhood. Egg Donation works well for gay couples too. Being an egg donor does not happen just like that, even when someone is donating only for a friend or relative. Several Egg Donation Agencies can provide their support and guidance and hold your hand until the end of the process. Egg donors are compensated financially for their generosity, and indeed it is an act that brings happiness in someone else’s life who you may never even know. Indeed, it also involves time, effort, discomfort, and pain that cannot be compensated otherwise.

Different egg donation agencies set certain criteria to be met as an egg donor before you become one. They may include an age limit, not more than forty, enjoying good physical and mental health. It is essential to know your BMI, and there should be no criminal records or smoking habits.

Once this all is clear, a Pre-Registration form will be filled by you stating your necessary information. One of the coordinators from the agency contacts you and sets up an appointment. Here the agency representative shares the information and makes you aware of the procedure and the potential risks for you. The agencies also make you go through the initial screening, involving a physician to assess your general health. Once the screening test is clear and passed, the next step begins, which is matching. This step involves you being selected as the matching egg donor by the recipients from the agency’s list. Once it is settled, you need to go through the FDA’s requirement of blood tests to rule out infectious diseases. The next step involves using injectable medicines to suppress the natural cycle to synchronize with the recipient’s cycle. Then, it is time to administer injections to stimulate ovarian action to produce multiple eggs to mature. During the entire process, you will be monitored closely, and your blood tests and ultrasound will be conducted from time to time.

On the other hand, the recipient is also being prepared for receiving the eggs. Finally, when the ultrasound report reveals egg development, the Egg Retrieval process begins, which happens under the influence of anesthesia. The eggs are retrieved with the help of an aspiration needle. You will have to take a day’s rest, and you must get a Post Retrieval test done to ensure your recovery.

We at Rite Options ensure that the egg donors and recipients benefit from the process with a minimum risk and maximum results. We apply our knowledge and experience in giving only the best to our donors and recipients, and everyone across the globe appreciates our services.

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