Emerging Nursing Needs During Covid-19 – What relevant assistance can be provided and has already been proposed?

March 12, 2021
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A Dark Year, Indeed!

Perhaps, the year 2020 has been considered a “black year” as it exposed us to experience the destructions of a global pandemic, Covid-19, the novel coronavirus. As it began during the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, it was a complete mystery, and it remained in a similar state for a couple of months. All of us lost a loved one or person we knew well in our social surroundings, being victims of the deadly virus. However, there was nothing we could do and above of all, assisting someone with this virus itself was a challenge as there were strict instructions for staying away from a person infected with Covid-19. Imagine seeing a loved one suffering from the loss of breath, seeking help, and you are trying to keep yourself away while not wanting to. How breaking it could be? Yet, we all passed this stage, helpless. But, praise to the services of nurses and global paramedics, they stood one one-leg, providing prompt prevention services to the Covid-19 patients, and several of them lost their lives in this service as well.


A Key Role Played by the Proud Global Nursing Staff Members

When there was no sign of relief and no reliable help available, we had professional paramedical staff members who were always working day and night to save people from death caused by the virus’s severities.

Some of our critical researchers at nursing essay help UK have revealed the statistics that world-renowned healthcare body, including NHS (National Healthcare Services) and WHO (World Health Organisation), sent out a press release declaring a global emergency in which all the associated nursing staff members were recalled to gather immediately at different learning stations developed temporarily within healthcare centres to be provided with relevant training that they could use to curb the virus from causing further destructions to individual suffering with it.

We all were eye-witnesses to the worst situation when the cases continued to increase by double and triple every day. Hence, some nurses were not even trained well, but they were inclined to save humans’ lives by following a reflective working approach. Indeed, hats off to their responsibility as when we all stayed at home, preventing ourselves and our loved ones from contracting the virus, they were out in the deadly field, fighting always.

What we believe should be done ahead?

Despite the courageous move of the nursing staff members globally, being humans, does this approach justifies their risk? Not at all! They, too, are humans, and they have the right to being protected equally against such threats as they are the saviour of humans during this pandemic. Science has advanced to a greater extent, allowing critical surgeries being possible in a couple of minutes, then; why can’t it be applied to a pandemic situation governing the health of the nursing staff members?

Many healthcare bodies have acknowledged this concern. A positive approach that we all need to appreciate and encourage further in every part of the world is applying the vaccines on the paramedics and nursing staff initially. This would keep them out of the danger of contracting the virus and positively influencing them to perform their responsibilities.

Criticising that applying vaccines on the nursing staff first may be an approach to test the vaccine is indeed a false claim. A vaccine is never implemented extensively until it has been tested and verified thoroughly. We all need to understand our roles in this crucial time when being of no use to others, and we need to appreciate those who are risking their lives, literally stepping out in a death zone and putting in maximum efforts to save others’ lives.

The year 2020 took away several lives, many of those serving as nurses to protect and save others. Several countries’ governments announced a supportive amount to the deceased’s families, yet an amount being materialised has hardly been heard yet. Simultaneously, as humans, we need to play a vital role within our environments as well, and some of the following initiatives could be regulated positively:

  • Becoming a supportive hand to the existing nursing staff by learning with them
  • Adhering to the preventive rules highlighted by the nurses to eliminate risks for them, such as staying at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic and assuming social distancing as a constant habit
  • Showing a gesture of gratitude to the nurses, cooperating with them and thanking them for their efforts in saving our lives and those of our loved ones which indeed cannot be paid-off with anything

Hence, becoming responsible citizens and taking a positive step would significantly change the world’s perception of the world.

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