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Tips On Checking Heart Health

March 12, 2021
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As you age, your heart ages too. You may notice changes in breathing, blood pressure, energy levels and more. With age, the heart slows down and gives rise to different problems. However, there are a few ways in which you can understand your heart’s health. For that, you do not have to visit a doctor, except for the severe ones. Here are a few tips mentioned below:-

  • Healthy breathing

Are you suffering from shortness of breath while climbing up and down the stairs? If the answer is negative, you do not have to worry. If you can breathe normally during a brisk walk in the morning and do not have to catch for breath after a lap of swimming, your system is working fine. Healthy breathing signifies that your heart is healthy and is offering enough oxygen to your body.

  • Energy levels

You can determine your heart’s function by your energy levels as well. When you do not feel lethargic the entire day while working, it can conclude that your heart is doing a great job. Your body needs nutrients and blood-borne oxygen to function healthily. Chronic fatigue can be a sign of a cardiovascular issue, hence, pay attention to it when you start ageing.

  • Heartbeat

Normally, your heartbeat ranges from 65 to 75 beats in a minute. Your pulses show the strength of your heart and how well it is pumping blood throughout your body. To find your heartbeat on your own, you can find many devices in the medical stores like a watch. Or, you can also count the beat by placing your index finger on the inner side of the wrist. For assurance, you can visit a doctor at the Essex heart clinic.

  • Blood pressure

Blood pressure determines the arterial pressure on the walls. High blood pressure may indicate poor heart health, which can lead to stroke and attack. The normal range is s120/80, anything lower or upper than this range can signify something grave. Depending on your age, activities, emotions and medicines, the blood pressure may rise and drop. Talk to a cardiologist if the condition sustains.

  • Cholesterol level

Your body contains both good and bad cholesterol. Healthy levels of cholesterol signify that your body is functioning well and is carrying our cell production. Excess levels of cholesterol show that there are blockages in the arteries, which can obstruct blood circulation. Keep your cholesterol levels in check so that you can keep cardiovascular problems at bay.

Keeping a healthy heart has become mandatory when you hit old age. A balanced diet, sound sleep and light exercises are the best ways in promoting proper cardiovascular functioning. For server problems, do not hesitate to visit a clinic.

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