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March 11, 2021
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Trekking is the most astounding thing we can do. Rougher the road, the harder the climb, the more we get lost, a chance to embrace the beauty of mother nature, and most importantly to discover a part of us we never knew exists. Are you still looking for a perfect trail route to follow in Uttrakhand? Just imagine that if you get a chance to encounter trekking that too at an exhilarating wonderland like Kedarkantha. Won’t it be like a dream or a longingness come true? Of course, yes! You can feel miraculously rejuvenated and glorified at the same time.


 Kedarkanatha is amongst one of the fascinating Himalayan peaks, in Uttrakhand which is located at an astonishing height of 12,500 ft near Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The set down expedition is an abode in heaven where prayers are answered, people are refreshed, souls and mind get nourished all by the grace of Nature’s blessings.


Best Season to Visit Kedarkantha –

 Each season has its appeal. you can visit Kedarkantha throughout the year but one should visit here either in the spring season if you are looking for a blend of foliage, blooming flowers, and snow or in the summer season where you will experience bright sunny days and blustery cold nights.

Tip – Try not to visit in winters because it is closed due to extreme weather conditions or in case the trek route is open you will find difficulty in covering the trek route.


 Warm-up Recommendation – 

If you are a beginner or an experienced trekker you must do warm-up exercises and running practice before starting a trek otherwise you will face difficulty while completing the trek you might experience horrible body ache. The trek is not suitable for a person having any health issue or for aged people. Also, get a body check done by a doctor before the trek


 Trek Guide –

Kedarkantha trek is a perfect place for trekking in the Himalayan ranges. Especially for beginners. The crisp views, snow-covered mountains, glacial lakes, lush green forest, thick mounds of snow surrounding your trail make your excursion more enthralling and memorable at the same time. 

The Kedarkantha Trek Trail Route

  • Sankri to Juda – Ka – Talab – 4 kilometer
  • Juda – Ka – Talab to Kedarkantha Base – 4 kilometer
  • Kedarkantha Base to Kedarkantha Peak – 6 kilometer


Kedarkantha – Glimpse

 Kedarkantha is the most beautiful summit. Once you reach there you will fall in love with the paranomic views and here begins the chapter of your journey. you get a chance to walk in the snow, watch fluffy ice-capped mountains, sit near the frozen lake. Close your sit in the open arms of nature. you will be able to spot all the summits, valleys, and streams from a 360-degree view. You will feel on top of the world. The whole view is jaw-dropping. 


You can stay in the camping tents and savor the mouth-watering hot food along with a sip of tea or coffee. This experience is going to imprint as a permanent impression in your mind and soul. Hypnotize into a blend of beauty. 

Gaze the twinkling stars at night. 


Afterward, on your way back to the sankri i.e the basecamp you can enjoy the best hospitality provided by local villagers 

So are you ready to experience the same? Reach here before the snow melts.


Highlights of the trek – 

  • Best drive in the Himalayas
  • Snow-Covered Mountain
  • Alluring Campsites
  • Tempting cuisines
  • Explore Juda Ka Talab
  • Trekking at Jaw-Dropping Trail


Carry your essentials – 

  • A backpack along with extra pair of woolen clothes
  • First – Aid Kit·       
  • Toiletries
  • Trekking poles
  • Id proofs
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses , matchsticks and torch
  • Keep dry fruits and high-calorie snacks in your backpack
  • Carry your camping tents


Tip – In case you think an item is left in the above list. Refer to any site on the internet to assure that you carry all your essentials.


Other Attractions – A cherry on the Top

  • Osla Village
  • Taluka Village
  • Bali Pass
  • Jakhol Village
  • Saru Tal Lake
  • Sankri Range


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