Kodachadri – A must visit Trek 

March 11, 2021
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Kodachadri is a mountain peak located in the western ghats of South India, Shimoga in Karnataka. It is a blend of both paranormal and historical saga. It is situated amidst of Mookambika wildlife sanctuary. Shimoga and kundapur are the nearest towns. It is the 10th highest mountain peak which is at an altitude of 1300 ft. But nothing feels more mesmerizing than the beat of reaching the peak. It is itself an achievement to complete the trek to this summit. But the expedition will bring you more closer to the living world and will gradually connect you to the positive aura of the place. Once you complete the trek to the peak you can easily face challenges in your life and overcome your fears too.


Best season to visit kodachadri 

 Humans have always been fascinated with mountains. So You can visit the place in the month of (September – January). You can enjoy the frosty, cool breeze and much clear view during the post-monsoon period.


Detailed Guide about the trek-

Kodachadri trek is ranked as moderate grade trek. The trek can easily be completed within 8-10 hours. Also, the trek is divided into two sections.

The trek begins from nittur village. If you don’t want to trek you can avail of the jeep facility from this village. Usually, itinerants start their route from Katinahole or Vallur village. If you plan to complete the entire trek by walking you will have to pass by hidlumane falls and dense lush green forest. The view is very exotic and breathtaking. Hidlumane is a combination of seven outpourings. You can spend some quality time. The trail gets difficult as you reach the top.

 On reaching hidlumane you can head towards the sunrise point. This paradise will enthrall your attention due to its breathtaking views. The place is surrounded by lush green valleys, trees, and shrubs. the location provides the visitor a perfect picturesque view for shooting directly from the origin of the sun. trekkers can have rest at the above-mentioned accommodation i.e PWD guest house or Bhattara Mane.

After relaxing for a while you can continue your trail. to About 15 minutes of your ascent, you will reach a point that has two pathways. The left side of the fork will take you to the sunrise point whereas the right side will take you to the Mookambika temple. The first part of the trek is almost completed when you reach this point. A temple is a sacred place having a positive aura all around which will make you sit there.

Your next destination will be the Mookambika wildlife sanctuary. The place is awful and fragrant surrounded by greenery all around. It is known for its rich biodiversity. Sometimes heavy rainfall can be experienced which is again a different view that should not be missed. But do not take any wrong turns from the place follow your map.

After that, you can go back to any of the nearby accommodation or you can do camping in your tent. To complete your trek Vallur is the last place. In case you want to skip the place you should return to katinhole from the jeep itself.  



Accommodation options in kodachadri 

  • PWD guest house
  • Bhattara Mane

Tip- you can get your bookings done in advance before heading to the trek.


Things to carry –

Carry your hiking boots.

Carry essential clothing items:

  • Long sleeve shirt for layering
  • Insulated pants
  • Fleece jacket
  • Hat, Gloves and Gaiters
  • Extra clothing items as per the temperature of the place

Do carry the following trekking items:

  • Belay device
  • Ice axes
  • Climbing helmet
  • Face mask, goggles, and headlamp
  • Trekking Poles

Carry your essential toiletries along with a First Aid kit.

Carry high-calorie snacks and energy booster drinks with you

Always carry a power bank/ solar power charger.

Tip- Always get a medical check-up done before heading towards any trek. Last but not least always do warm-up exercises which not only increase your blood flow to muscles but also raise your body temperature.

Also try the following exercises like lunges, squats, and planks.


 Other Tourist attractions- 

Kodachadri trek has other eye-catching attractions which you must visit:

  • Mookambika Temple
  • Ganpati Cave
  • Nagara Fort
  • Chitramoola








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